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       Herramientas IOR is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and sales of precision tools for woodworking.


       Besides being a special tools manufacturer, our facilities have also a wide range of standard tools in stock.


      Our staff is highly qualified, with a great experience in the manufacturing of tools, modifications, and maintenance of these tools.


       We also have an excellent sharpening service, offering only the best quality, directly from the tools manufacturer, since nobody knows better the tool, as the manufacturer. We are convinced that in the long run, the tools sharpened by our company, will have increased performance, longer life span and superb finish of the work material.


       Our technical sales team is formed by highly qualified professionals, which in every moment can offer the best product in relation to your needs.


       We always offer the best quality in our products, combined with a professional and effective service, always against the best price, provided that it is possible.

       At Herramientas IOR we always adapt to the needs of the client..


      Make a safe choice. When you choose Herramientas IOR as your usual provider, we are fully confident that this decision will be entirely successful.



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