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Higher speed, better performance, best finishing, lower noise level, lower energy consumption

     This innovative and original system combines the fragmentation of labour and the use of a hard metal of maximum hardness, whose implementation is feasible because of the reduced measures of the chips, that do not cause tensions of welding, as often happens on the large plates.

     The latest developments in our models allow for even better results. The cutting teeth work in a helical position, increasing the softness of the cut.

     The HERMABLOK® system has been registered under international patent.

     To obtain the results and quality of optimum work that produce end mills HERMABLOK®, it is essential to employ them in machines that are in good working condition. With worn shafts and or bearings, the results of the surfaces will not be good.

     The increased speed compared to that of a normal end mill is between 20 and 50 per cent higher, due to the fragmentation of the Court, so it is with equal speed to a normal end mill, the obtained finish is better.

     Tests performed by HERMABLOK® shows that the average power reduction of the machine is 20 to 40%, which in addition to minor energy consumption, results in lesser work for the machine.

     Lower noise level, due to the reduction of the contact of the small plates with the wood, the noise reduction compared to a traditional carving bit is between 5 and 15 db.

     The end mills HERMABLOK® can be produced in mixed combination of hard metal and diamond, for zones of high abrasion, such as: melamine, glues etc. This technique provides then use of diamond tools only when really necessary.

     Lower cost when damaging a tool, since with our tools, only the small plaques could be damaged. As with a conventional carving bit, plaques of a considerable size should be changes, making it more costly in terms of time of repair and the same price.


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